Why Are You Uncomfortable With Your Current Office Chair?

Why Are You Uncomfortable With Your Current Office Chair?

            As home office workers, students or even personal bloggers; aesthetics usually takes precedence when it comes to setting up our workspaces.  Few of us look at a chair and think “Wow! That looks ergonomic!”.  But as you may sit there with a sore back or hunched posture, let’s think of why we need to pick the right chair versus the one that might match the background of your Zoom call!  

Facts and findings

            Before being submerged into a predominately online world, we still concentrated most of our workdays sitting at a desk or behind a computer.  In fact, the average Canadian spends 10 hours of their waking days just sitting[1].  In that case, would you not want to make those 10 hours as comfortable as possible?  Don’t fall into the 85% of working people that develop lower back pain[2] and subsequent psychological problems simply because they are not comfortable at their desks!  Let’s dive into what it takes to pick the right office chair based on your specific needs.


[1] https://www.cancer.ca/en/prevention-and-screening/reduce-cancer-risk/make-healthy-choices/move-more-sit-less/shocking-how-many-hours-a-day-canadians-sit/?region=on). 

[2] https://www.chiropractic.ca/blog/canadas-low-back-pain-epidemic/#:~:text=Just%20check%20these%20statistics%3A,Canadians%20suffered%20low%20back%20pain&text=Up%20to%2085%25%20of%20working,back%20pain%20during%20their%20lifetime&text=In%20Canada%2C%20the%20low%20back,and%2012%20billion%20dollars%20annually


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