About Us

ErgoEquip is owned and operated by Ergonomic professionals. Our goal is to help you to work safely and comfortably, by providing the most cost-effective and ergonomic products that can be found and sold in Canada. Most of our suppliers are based in Canada, so we are helping to keep business in Canada.

We strive to assist our customers and clients to purchase the most suitable equipment to meet your individual needs, and to help you work more productively, whether your workstation is in your home or workplace. We can provide phone or virtual ergonomic consulting if required.

Most of our products are focused on setting you up for office occupations, but we also sell medical and industrial chairs and workstations. We also help to give advice and source out ergonomic tools and equipment for other non-office occupations. We can assist you with your orders of these other products as well.


Want to contact us for a professional opinion?

Not only can we supply you with the ergonomic products you want... we have registered kinesiologists who can help you select the products you NEED! No "ergonomic" product is ergonomic unless it meets the needs.

Visit our Ability at Work website for more information and contact with a registered kinesiologist.

Ability at Work